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Please note that the start date of TSY & TSM classes has been postponed until further notice due to COVID-19. Please keep scrolling to learn more so you can join us when classes resume. Be well and do check back soon!


*Start dates & times TBD*

Yoga is supposed to be calming, right? Well, for survivors of trauma, the typical yoga class can be anything but. If you’ve ever been in a yoga class and found yourself overwhelmed—by the music, the number of people in the room, the changing lighting, the instructor moving around the room and touching students (often without consent)—you’re not alone. 


Trauma-sensitive yoga was created because trauma survivors so often report feeling overwhelmed in typical yoga classes. In TSY, there is none of the above. The instructor stays at the front of the room and demonstrates each posture, giving plenty of modifications for all ability levels. She encourages you to decide when to take breaks or skip postures, and never (and we mean that literally, as in never) touches you. Don’t get us wrong—regular yoga classes can be wonderful, but they’re often not the best fit for someone in the midst of trauma recovery. When you take a TSY class with Monique, you can be assured that your boundaries will be respected. You won’t be cramped, since there is a max of eight students in every TSY class. You won’t be pressured to close your eyes or change your breathing. You won’t be singled out in front of the class if you’re struggling with a posture or just having a low energy day. Heck, you won’t even have to take your socks off if you don’t want to. Also, you’ll never be touched. Did we mention there is no touching? Seriously, there isn’t.

Trauma-sensitive yoga has been shown in numerous studies to help survivors rebuild their connection with their body and decrease PTSD symptoms. Read more here. In addition to folks with trauma, TSY often appeals to people with anxiety, highly sensitive people (HSPs), and anyone who has trouble tolerating typical yoga classes. TSY is $25 per class or $200 for 10 classes, with sliding scale rates available for folks who can provide documentation of income-based need. Contact Monique for more information.

Don't have a yoga mat? No worries--our mat rental fees ($1 suggested donation) benefit the emergency fund of the Dutchess County Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Abuse (CASADA). Cash or checks made out to CASADA accepted.


*Start dates & times TBD*

Mindfulness instruction usually focuses on helping us learn to sit with our uncomfortable feelings and experience our bodies in the present moment. The thing is, many trauma survivors don’t feel all that safe in their bodies. Lots of survivors have had to learn to detach from their bodies in order to function. This is because the sensations and memories their bodies hold can feel unpleasant—even frightening or painful. Trauma-sensitive mindfulness takes that into account, and provides a gentler, more flexible framework for exploring the present moment. Don’t want to close your eyes? No need to. Don’t like focusing on your breath? There are a million other options. Need to take frequent breaks? Go for it. Need to sit in a chair as opposed to the floor? Not a problem. The point of TSM is to allow for each practitioner to determine their own unique balance between present-moment awareness and self-compassion with support from an experienced teacher. The ultimate goal of TSM is to increase survivors’ ability to tolerate distress and to experience life more fully. Monique teaches TSM in the style of David Treleaven, PhD.


Monique began practicing yoga and meditation in 1998. She completed her Yoga Alliance-approved 200-hour yoga certification in 2009, and has been teaching yoga and mindfulness in the Hudson Valley ever since. In 2012, Monique obtained a 40-hour certification in trauma-sensitive yoga, taught by Bessel van der Kolk, MD, and David Emerson, E-RYT of the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute and the Black Lotus Yoga Project. In addition, Monique has trained in mindfulness instruction with Ron Siegel, PsyD of Harvard Medical School. Monique is a Red Cross-certified Disaster Mental Health First Responder and has completed training with the Center for Deployment Psychology. She has experience teaching TSY & TSM to survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, folks who have lived through disasters, and current and former military service members.  


Monique is a  licensed mental health counselor in the state of New York. In addition, she holds multiple yoga instructor certifications that are separate and distinct from her license in mental health counseling. Please be advised that yoga and yoga instruction are not within the scope of practice of mental health counseling in New York state, and that any yoga instruction you may choose to receive from Monique will occur under the purview of her yoga credentials. Monique does not provide yoga instruction during counseling sessions, nor counseling during yoga sessions. While we strongly recommend that all yoga practitioners are engaged in psychotherapy, your participation or lack thereof in counseling at Resolution Psychotherapy is neither contingent on nor in any way affected by your participation in yoga and vice versa, as the two services are practiced and billed separately.

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