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Professional Consultation
with Monique Dauphin, LMHC

Are you a therapist or other helping professional who could use some help with a tough clinical case? If so, drop me a line—I would love to help! You can count on me to be supportive, non-judgmental, and respectful of your clinical orientation.

What I bring to the table:

  • Extensive training in and knowledge of working with trauma survivors, perpetrators of abuse, people struggling with oppression, and ADHDers.

  • Experience working in "the system." Pre-private practice, I held several positions in Dutchess County's coordinated response to interpersonal violence, and have served as chairperson on the DC Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Abuse (CASADA).

  • Supervisory experience using Bernard's Discrimination Model.

  • An easygoing, supportive approach to consultation.

Areas of Clinical Expertise



Helping you build your knowledge and skills in the areas of:


Treatment planning

Reprocessing techniques

Feeling stuck/recovery plateaus

Sexual assault recovery

Survivors who engage in high-risk Bx


Self-Liberation & Empowerment Work

Helping clients free themselves from abusive relationships, cults and other high-control groups, and toxic work environments. Using therapy as a space for anti-oppression work for BIPOC, queer people, and disabled clients.


ADHD & Sensory Processing Sensitivity

Helping highly sensitive clients and clients with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder to live their best lives.


1/2 hour phone consult

$65 professionals

$45 new professionals (licensed for fewer than 5 years)

Full-hour consult (your choice of phone or video chat)

$125 professionals

$75 new professionals (licensed for fewer than 5 years)

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